Outrage because the Scottish independence referendum is “divisive”

First thoughts: It’s a closed question with a yes/no answer, so … no shit, Sherlock.  

Other thoughts: If people behave like adults they can disagree without falling out.  No need for violence, outrage, misery, despair or trauma.  

I am really, really sick of the whole debate coming under attack.  It’s the biggest, most momentous decision of our lifetimes.  So people do have a lot to discuss, a lot to exchange, a lot to campaign for and hope for and dream about (and live in abject fear of, in some cases).  This debate is a good thing because previously completely disengaged people are now taking an interest and becoming involved in politics.  This is the injection of diversity and vision that politics in this country (both Scotland and the UK) so desperately needs.  Yes, change is scary.  Yes, there are uncertainties (admittedly not an unusual finding when considering the future).  But those are not reasons to criticise the debate, they are not an excuse for division and they are not universally bad either.


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